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Silverpine was born out of the idea that you can’t be everything to everyone. You also can’t be working ON your business when you are continually working IN your business. As a growing company, you need people on your team that excel at things that you necessarily aren’t the best at (not your zone of genius). This is where I come in. I have tried to do it all and have had multiple roles within the digital marketing space over my 10+ years of experience. I have figured out my zone of genius and now I have a desire and passion to share my skillset to help support, grow and enhance other small to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive.

You know how you get really excited and nerdy about your business niche? That’s how I feel about extreme organization, project management, operations, to-do lists, unique-to-you website design, research, proofreading,  client communication and follow-up and photography. These are my zone of genius and where Silverpine Digital is here to help support you in these areas.

While the above areas are where I focus my energy on now, I have also worked numerous roles in the past within the digital marketing space from client management, Facebook Ads, website design, branding, graphic design, PPC, sales, SEO, traditional media buying, partnerships and sponsorships, local store marketing, social media, content writing, blogs, video (YouTube) ads, Google search and display, and more. These past experience with the above areas has made me a well-rounded and knowledgeable asset.


Are you ready to get back to working on your business in your zone of genius and pass off the tasks that you know are essential to your business growth but you dread completing? Let’s chat!

Personalized Branded Photography.

Ready to stand out from the crowd with knockout content?

Administrative + Project Management Support.

Feeling disorganized and frazzled? We can help!

Modern, Responsive
Website Designs.

Get your digital presence up to speed by building a well-organized and strategical website design.

10+ Years of Experience.

We are digital marketing nerds and proud of it. Daily learning and keeping up on the latest trends to be the best resource for our clients.

Extreme Attention to Detail.

We notice and pay attention to those little details that are big deals.

Affordable Rates.

We build a month-to-month payment plan to best fit your budget. Choose a package that best fits your goals.